2. aasimars:

    aasimars’ macbook pro giveaway

    this is my very first giveaway. i’m giving away a macbook pro, as i got a new laptop for christmas. i don’t need it, i don’t need the money i would gain from selling it, and it’s just taking up space in my house, so i’m hoping to give it away to whoever’s reblog number is randomly generated!

    here’s how it’s going to work:

    • you have to be following me. i’ll check once i draw a winner, and i’ll redraw if whoever i drew lied about having followed me.
    • likes don’t count for anything, you have to reblog to enter. you can reblog as many times as you want, and you can like this to bookmark it if you want to.
    • the winner will be chosen in a raffle style using an online number generator, and will then be contacted through tumblr messages, so you need to have your askbox open.
    • this giveaway will end on july 4th, 2014 (american date)
    • if the winner doesn’t reply within a week, i will choose a new winner. so please try to respond! i don’t want to take this away from you!
    • giveaway is available anywhere in the world, and i’ll pay for shipping, so you don’t have to worry about it. :)

    included is a macbook pro in excellent condition, and a charging cable. i’ll write you a little congratulatory letter, too. :)

    good luck!!

    remember, the giveaway ends on july 4th, 2014, and you must follow me to be eligible to win.

    please don’t delete the text!!

  3. jesusworeakanyepiece:

    Picked up Acid Rap on clear double LP with that black splatter tho. Limited to 1000

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    Between The Buried & Me - Colors_Live

    First Pressing | Victory Records | V439 | Red (2xLP RSD 2014 Exclusive) | 1,400

  6. knucklepuckil:

    Bad Timing Records is pressing our EP “The Weight That You Buried” for the first time ever. These bad boyz go on sale tomorrow, April 23rd, at 1PM CST. Pick one up tomorrow

    These are limited (only 500 in total), so act quick, ya dig? Yeah, you dig.


  7. Do racist people mind being called racist?

  8. joshunf:

    if a charmander running in circles chasing its tail doesnt fit your blog then you are running the wrong kind of blog

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    Shanghai Tower

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    Abandoned Statue

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  11. 23pairsofchromosomes:

    Butterfly eggs on a raspberry plantA micro-crack in steel

    A micro-crack in steelHousehold dust

    Household dustNeedle and thread

    Needle and threadE.coli bacteria on lettuce

    E.coli bacteria on lettuce

    Beard hairs under a scanning electron microscope: cut with razor (left) and electric shaver (right)

    Beard hairs under a scanning electron microscope: cut with razor (left) and electric shaver (right)A moth wing

    A moth wingLeaf of a Virginia spiderwort

    Leaf of a Virginia spiderwortMarijuana

    Marijuanashark skin

    Shark skin

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    Not as stunning as #joeyjoe69


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    How many faces do you see?

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  14. savethewildpinatas:

    He looks so polite, like he just wants to stop by and see if you have anything for him.

    This is the beginning of a whole new species.  ”Chibi Beggar Squirrel.”  These adorable creatures thrive on posing in cute ways to get free food from humans.  They’re shorter, fatter, more polite, and have been known to snuggle feet, and make high pitched yet somehow guttural sounds that simulate the human phrase “Food prease.” 

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